Intro Lectures – During this lecture we talk about what we all want, how we got to this place of wanting and how to actually get what we want in this life. We talk about the purpose of life. We discuss how and why Ascension works as well as all the health benefits of practicing. We look at the different states of consciousness and show you how to cultivate a higher state of consciousness. This is a great way to learn more about the Ishaya’s Ascension.

First Sphere Weekend – The beginning Ascension course where you learn the “First Sphere” which is the first four techniques of the Ishayas’ Teaching of Ascension.

Advanced Weekend Intensive Course – These courses are for people who have already taken a First Sphere and would like to dive deeper into the teachings. The course is filled with plenty of group Ascension time as well as awareness exercises, question and answer periods and many topics for discussion. The course is designed to help you become more Self-Aware in order to realize True Freedom.

Advanced Weekend Retreat Course – These courses are for taking time to go inward, rest, heal and focus on the Eternal aspect of yourself. Most of the day is spent Ascending with breaks for stretching, meals and an evening discussion.

7 Week Course – The commitment is to one 3-hour meeting a week for seven weeks. This course mirrors the needs and wants of the students. During this time you will either ignite or deepen your experience and knowledge of the Source of Peace and Happiness, your True Nature. You will also discover the thing that you are doing that keeps you separate causing pain, suffering and dissatisfaction. This course is about learning how to evolve consciously while dealing with everyday life. Very powerful.

Ascender’s Day – Once a month (or so), usually on the last Sunday of the month we will have a full day of, Group Ascending and discussion, Pot Luck Lunch, viewing or listening of some type of spiritual (educational) material with a discussion afterward and more Ascending. All Ascenders are welcome (no charge). Please bring a vegetarian dish for the pot luck.

Teacher TrainingContact us if you would like to become a teacher of the Ishayas’ Teaching of Ascension.